The number of attendees reached 116, according to what was announced by Parliament Rapporteur, Saleh Qelma, after the middle of the session.
The session was chaired by Aqila Saleh and attended by his deputies, Fawzi Al-Nuwairi and Hamida Houma.
The House of Representatives voted on a resolution adopting the roadmap submitted by the committee formed by the council , so that elections will be held within a period not exceeding 14 months from the date of the constitutional amendment.
The House of Representatives voted for the Road Map Committee to start a dialogue with its counterpart in the State Council to present the final version of the constitutional amendment within a maximum period of one week, in order to vote on it in conjunction with granting confidence to the new government.

The President of the Council, Aqila Saleh, announced that 7 people had submitted their files to run for prime minister; Only two files were accepted, and they are for the candidates: Fathi Bashagha and Khaled Al-Bibas
The council listened to a speech by Bashagha and Al-Bibas, each of whom presented his vision to the government, if elected.
The Council announced the agreement that the Council Presidency would refer the names of the candidates to the State Council to submit the required recommendations regarding them.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives announced next Thursday’s session, February 10, as a date for voting to choose a candidate to head the government.
The Council asked the Road Map Committee to submit its final report on the remaining tracks parallel to the election track within a month from the date of Monday’s session, February 7th.

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