A lot happened in the #HOR this week – so ahead of the planned session on Monday, let’s look back at the facts :

1. It was agreed that the vote on the next Prime Minister will take place on 8 February, after hearings planned on the 7th.

The vote will be based in the candidacies received by the HOR Rapporteur and the criteria set by the Roadmap Committee & in consultations with the #HSC. This vote requires a valid quorum and an absolute majority.  

Keep in mind: the future PM cannot run for President.

2. The Roadmap Committee presented a proposal to relaunch the constitutional process through the formation of a new committee of 24 members (6 from HSC, 6 from HOR, 6 from CDA, 3 experts chosen by HoR & 3 experts chosen by HSC)

This committee will amend the « controversial articles » of the elected #CDA. It has 45 days (renewable once) to propose a new draft and put it to referendum. If the draft is rejected, the Committee has 60 days to review it and put it once more to #referendum.

If it’s rejected again, the Committee is dissolved and the #HOR & #HSC establish a constitutional basis to hold elections. To vote on this Constitutional Amendment proposed by the Roadmap Committee, a quorum of 120 members and an absolute majority are required.

The overall timeline could postpone the elections to over a year, a period during which the #HOR and #HSC would remain in place and get to decide on what is « controversial » in a Constitutional Proposal drafted by an elected body.

What do you think?

 Will the #HOR & #HSC be able to do better than the #CDA? Will the #HOR @#HSC agree this time on the referendum law, especially the majority system, when they failed to do so in the past?

By Siraj

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