A lot was said about the #HOR session of yesterday, but what precisely happened, and what is the legal basis of these important developments ?

Two things :

The HoR passed the “12th Constitutional Amendment” to the Constitutional Declaration, establishing a Committee of 24 selected by the #HOR & #HSC to review the 2017 Constitutional Proposal before a referendum.

-For the draft to pass, 50%+1 of “yes” in each 3 regions are needed .

The Amendment states that if the draft is rejected twice, the Committee is dissolved, and the #HOR is in charge of establishing a constitutional basis for the elections.

The entire constitutional process could take up to 14 months.

To pass a Constitutional Amendment, 2/3 of #HOR members should vote in favor.

No counting of votes took place – only a raise of hands.
However, the amendment was passed.

Shortly before the vote, a statement of the #HSC was issued asking to postpone the session.

Then another vote took place on the new Prime Minister. Candidate Khaled Albibas allegedly withdrew from the race, although he denied it later. This left former MoI Fathi #Bashaga as the sole candidate.

Again, no actual counting of vote took place – only a show of hands.

A vote of no confidence requires 50%+1 of sworn members to be passed, according to HoR bylaws. The Speaker argues that the majority of attending members is enough.

Lastly, the #HOR bylaws allows for it to give or withdraw confidence to a government as a whole – but it is not clear if it allows it to nominate a new PM. Some argue that this is the sole responsibility of the Head of State.


By Siraj

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