The US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, was quoted in Reuters stating that even if the Geneva talks failed, there was a way to move forward with elections in the absence of a single government, and that elections could be held in each region separately.

The Tahra team asked for a clarification from the US Embassy, which explained that a single government was ideal, but that they would also be possible without it as « political actors across the country could use their influence to hold elections »

“HNEC is technically ready to hold elections with or without a unified government”, they added. HNEC confirmed to Tahra that in 2018, the voter registry was updated successfully in the absence of a unified government.

The main obstacle to holding elections remains the failure to agree on a constitutional basis, including regarding the conditions for running for president, but also the transitional arrangements, such as the unification of the government.

By Siraj

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