Several social media pages circulated the story of Prince Muhammad Al Rida Al Senussi, son of the former King of Libya, having « submitted a request to the UN for being installed as the new King »

Is that story true?
According to the source, originally published on the Wall Street Journal’s opinions page, the former King’s son made the point for restoring the 1951 Constitution as the only way to restore legitimacy and peace, as well as to rebuild national identity
In the opinion piece, he calls on the UN to reconsider the original Constitution of Libya’s independence as a historic opportunity to end the current legitimacy crisis
This comes after the Cairo process facilitated by the UN failed to provide a solid and credible outcome
In other words, Muhammad Senussi called for restoring the Constitution of 1951, not to be reinstated as the King of Libya.
Be careful to not distort words, and check for original sources before sharing misinformation!

By Siraj

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