According to the Speaker of the #HoR, the GNU’s mandate expired since the no-confidence vote. On 09/21, 89 MPs out of 113 present voted indeed to withdraw their confidence in the @Dabaibahami government, but the government stayed.

According the Constitutional Declaration, which was amended on 11/26/21 by the HoR, and whereby the #LPA (“Skhirat agreement”) was incorporated within it (11th amendment), a withdraw of confidence can only take place after consulting the HSC and with the vote of at least 120 MP

According to the #LPDF, the Roadmap for a political transition adopted in 11/20 and served as basis for the formation of the #GNU in March, is valid for a period of 18 months, i.e. until 06/22.

hese legalities can be confusing, but knowing them is useful to be able to distinguish facts from political statement

By Siraj

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