Knowing the facts is the best way to be immune to fake news, so let’s look into it :
The roadmap committee on 01/24 said that the #GNU had expired, alleged that there were foreigners in the voters registry (and it would take up to 9 months to clean it); called for creating a committee with #HOR & High State Council to revise the #CDA draft before referendum 

There was disagreement over the “expiration” of the #GNU mandate and the need to form a new one, as well as on the inclusion of HSC & HoR in the new constitutional drafting/revision committee.

#Agila Saleh concluded by saying that the new drafting committee should only include experts, that cases of corruption and abuse of power by the #GNU are being referred to the General Attorney, and asked the Roadmap Committee to set a new date for elections in line with HoR laws.

On 01/25, the mechanism for choosing the new Prime Minister was debated. Candidates to MP position must be: above 35, Muslim/Libyan, not convicted, recommended by 25 MPs. Candidates should also renounce to running to future elections.

MPs did not agree on whether the HSC should be included in forming the new cabinet (as stated by the #LPA).

Th1/The session on 01/24 saw a briefing by the head of the # HOR roadmap committee where he stated that: the 0#GNU is expired; there are foreigners registered in the voters registry, and cleaning it will take up to 9 months; a Committee with High State Council & HOR members shou

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