Over the past week, many media outlets published alleged “lists” of new cabinet members, as the #HoR announced its intention to replace the current #GNU. What is the truth behind these lists? 

One of these lists was allegedly the result of an agreement between PC Member Al-Lafi & Agila Saleh, but it was denied by various alleged signatories and the #HoR spokesperson. Nevertheless, this list and others spread rapidly, sometimes in a coordinated manner, on social media Other lists had Aref Al-Nayed or Fathi Bashaga as the new Prime Minister, but none was verified. It is very easy to forge official documents, and this method could be used by political actors to “test the water” and create more confusion.

Beware of not contributing to disinformation by always verifying what you share and post, and feel free to ask Tahra if you have doubts .


By Siraj

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