During an interview last week to Al Wasat TV and Tabadol, when asked about the reasons for the failure of the electoral process in December, the Ambassador stated that: « Saif Al-Islam’s candidacy to presidential elections was like a bomb in the room and destroyed everything »


He also asked: « Do the Libyans want a person convicted by the International Criminal Court to participate in the elections? » according to the Arabic translation of the interview

This statement is completely different from what was stated in the one wrongly attributed to the Ambassador. Yet, the fake news was widely shared, and in a very coordinated manner, by several pro-Saïf and pro-former regime pages

Remember to check the original source before sharing wrong statements  Saïf Gaddafi is still wanted by the International Criminal Court, and no judgment has been made on his case until now, while a condemnation in absentia was issued in 2015 by the South Tripoli Court.


For more details, see the full video of Richard Norland’s interview :


By Siraj

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