Several pages on Facebook and media outlets published last week a copy of the 12th Constitutional Amendment issued by the HoR on 10 February, 2022. The published amendment is now dated 21 March, 2022, and said to be the “official version”

However, we noticed some differences between the version of 10 February, signed by Agila Saleh and the HoR Rapporteur despite irregularities in the voting – and the one published last week

he version of 21 March is also different from the one published by Abdulsalem Nsia, member of the HoR roadmap committee, on 31 January .

Here are some of the differences we noticed:

1 – The newly published version does not refer to the LPA or “Skhirat Agreement”, contrary to the version read by Agila during the vote and distributed to HoR members on 10 February.


2 – Article 1, §7 and §8: the word “consensus” between HoR and HSC, in the 10 February version, is now replaced by “consultation”. This is a significant change, and not only linguistically

We could not find a copy of this « new » version, published on 21 March and circulating on media outlets, on the official website of the HoR. Tahra reached to the HoR Spokesperson but could not get a clarification to verity the authenticity of this document.

Keep in mind that the HSC rejected the 12th amendment during an official session in February, thus ending any notion of a « consensus »


By Siraj

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