A few days ago, PM designated by the HOR, Fathi Bashaga had a phone call with UNSG Antonio Gutteres. Several media claimed that the UN SG « applauded » the nomination and gave him full support, praising his capacity to restore stability in #Libya. How true are these claims?

The transcript of the call, but also statements of the UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, go against this interpretation.

The transcript shows that the UNSG designated Bashaga as « the former Interior Minister in the #GNA, nominated by HoR as PM » – not as “PM Bashaga”

Second, the UNSG reiterated « the need for all actors to preserve calm and stability on the ground », which many media outlets misleadingly transcribed as the UNSG praising Fathi Bashaga for having brought calm & stability himself

Media that shared this misleading interpretation include Al Read, Abaad and Lam networks, Tripoli 24, Atheer Al-Karama, Libya al-Hadath, and the official page of Fathi #Bashaga

Distorting facts, and taking parts of sentences out of their context, is a common method used by disinformation actors. Be careful out there!

By Siraj

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