Agila Salah

Did Agila Saleh resign from his position of Speaker of the #HoR in order to run for President? According to the Presidential Elections Law passed by some members of the #HoR last week, candidates should resign from civil or military public positions 3 months before elections.

The news of the alleged resignation was first spotted on a Facebook page under the name of Libyan news commentator Noman Ben Othman, which counts over 174k followers.

The post was taken from Alwasat and received almost 1000 likes, but it was then deleted

However, by then the fake news had already started to spread on various news outlets and pages, including Al Raeid, Raifa Watan, the Libyan Resistance, Voice of the People, and more.

عقيلة صالح

The cabinet of the Speaker denied this allegation. In tensed political situations, fake news and disinformation campaigns are more likely. Now more than ever, beware of what you post, because lies and rumors spread faster than the truth!

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