Since 15 May, members of the #HoR and the #HSC gathered in Cairo to discuss on amendments to the Constitutional Proposal of the #CDA, voted in July 2017 by a democratically elected body.


This process is part of the Roadmap voted by HoR through the 12th Constitutional Amendment, and / or of the UN-led talks. Indeed, there is still some confusion about the nature of this process


According to participants, the discussion focused on «controversial» points in the Draft Constitution, in an effort to find a new consensual, formulation. These issues included: nature of the state, decentralization, composition of the two chambers, and eligibility criteria


Contrary to what some assumed, there was no discussion about the formation of a new government. After the end of the meeting, some praised « success », saying that over 70% of the amendment to the draft had been approved, or 137 articles out of 197


But the remaining articles are possibly the most controversial ones, on which the two chambers could very difficultly agree! Others considered that the legal basis for this entire process is weak because of the way the 12th Amendment was adopted (without HSC approval)


One can also argue that the #Cairo process itself violates the 12th Amendment, due to the delegations’ composition (not including any outside experts as per the HoR text) and because the first 45 days timeline has already passed

Will the two chambers reach an agreement during the next #Cairo meeting in June?

will continue to report

By Siraj

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