Did the High State Council #HSC reach consensus on the HoR’s 12th Constitutional Amendment and Prime Minister designation?

Two statements circulated on social media yesterday, attributed to members to the HSC

The 1st statement was signed by 54 members, stating that they did not agree to the constitutional amendment & PM designation.

HSC members whose name appeared on it confirmed its veracity: Al-Ajili Bousdil, Fathi Al-Sharif, Zainab Toshi, Bashir Al-Hosh & Jamal Abu Sahmin

The second statement was signed by 74 HSC members who said that they did discuss with the #HoR and reached consensus on its proposal.

We could reach to 1 HSC member who confirmed this statement: Amina Al-Mahjoub. Others denied their signature through social media posts.

But some incoherences between the two documents raised doubts

Few names figure in both, incl.: Fathi Al-Sharif, Al-Ajili Bousdil, Zainab Toshi, Bashir Al-Hosh, Al-Sadiq Ksheer & Jamal Karwad, who all confirmed that they only signed the 1st one, rejecting the HoR initiative.

Also, the 2nd statement, in support of the HoR, mentions that the HSC held an official session to vote on the HoR proposal but does not specify its date.

A statement & letter of the HSC President, on 12 and 13 February, explained that the HSC did not hold any session until now

The statement says that the HoR amendment and decision on the PM are not « final decisions » and that the HSC had observations, which will be discussed during an official session of the Council.

According to HSC regulations decisions are only taken during official sessions through direct secret vote

This week’s session was postponed due to security reasons.

Accordingly, neither of the two statements can be considered to reflect the final position of the #HSC

By Siraj

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