The constitutional dialogue, facilitated by the UNSMIL, was officially launched on 22/03 

The SG Special Advisor to #Libya, Stephanie Williams, announced that the process started with a consultation of the HSC which has already formed a committee of 12 (instead of 6)

The #HSC dialogue members are:

-Ahmed Yaqoub.

-Amal Al-Sallabi.

-Zainab Shani.

-Shaaban Abu-Setta.

-Shukri Al-Amin.

-Abdul Qader Hawaili.

-Fathallah Al-Sariri.

-Fawzia Karawan.

-Kamel Jatlawi.

-Mohamed Abdel Hadi.

-Abdulkarim Hussain Al-Obeidi.

-Musa Farag.

So far, the HOR has not formed its committee, but the launch of the process this week could be a way to pressure #Agila to do so.

Tahara found that the list of 12 names from the #HoR is being prepared. It would include 6 personalities that are not in the Parliament
7 names circulated so far, as part of the #HoR list, but are yet to be confirmed: Almabrouk Alkabeer Ibtisam Al-Rabai Saleh Qalameh Saleh Hemmah Nasreddine Muhanna Ramadan Shambash Al-Koni Abbouda (a law professor, not a member of Parliament).
The launch of the dialogue on the constitutional basis is meant to solve the current crisis of legitimacy in Libya, and pave the way for #elections  
-Full text of Stephanie Williams:
However, keep in mind that with 12 members instead of 6, and the inclusion of « experts » who are not from any of the two bodies, the ambiguity remains about whether this process is really the UN’s « 6+6 » process, or the implementation of the 12th Amendment’s Roadmap!
Clarifying ongoing news is a way to prevent future attempts to mislead public opinion by sharing fake news and misinformation. This is often called « pre-bunking »
Make sure you access official sources on this process, including:
-United Nations Support Mission in Libya
-Libyan House of Representatives
-The Supreme Council of State

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