The High State Council held a session yesterday, attended by 56 members (hence reaching quorum), officially to discuss the UN SASGonLibya proposal to form a joint HoR/HSC committee of 6+6 to agree on a constitutional basis for elections. What actually happened?

After the session, the HSC announced having agreed to form a Committee of 12 members for the dialogue, not 6 as demanded by the UN

This created confusion, because 12 is the number set for the constitutional committee defined by #HoR‘s 12th Amendment, which the #HSC rejected!

Some #HSC members, incl. Mansour Al-Hasadi, Safwan Al-Masuri and Abdel Salam Al-Safrani, went to the media and claimed that the HSC decision was in line with the 12th Amendment, and that by creating the Committee of 12, the #HSC had retracted its rejection of it

But other members, and the official press release of the #HSC, stated that the raise from 6 to 12 was only a suggestion to allow greater participation of women and geographic balance, and that they can lower it down to 6 if the UNSMILibya requested it.


To that extent, yesterday’s decision does officially not affect the #HSC position on the 12th Amendment, although some members in the Council may be playing with this ambiguity.

It’s worth noting that Mansour Al-Hasadi, Safwan Al-Masuri, who said that the #HSC had finally accepted the 12th amendment, did not attend the session of yesterday.

By Siraj

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