If you follow #Libya, you must have heard a lot about the High State Council #HSC‘s latest session. But what actually happened?

After more than 2 weeks of attempts and multiple statements (see previous tweets ), the HSC was able to hold an official session yesterday in #Tripoli. However, yesterday’s session was interrupted by a power cut before the HSC members were able to vote.

Gun shots were also heard around the premises of the Aldawa al-Islamia college, where the #HSC were meeting. The #HSC was finally able to vote today and rejected the 12th Constitutional Amendment & the formation of a new executive – with 51 votes out of 60.

The Libyan Political Agreement states that the #HoR and the #HSC are to operate through consensus. As per Article 12 of the Agreement’s Additional Provisions, both chambers have to agree on constitutional amendments that affects the #LPA or the institutions created by it.



By Siraj

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