Several false documents circulated about the resignation of various #GNU Ministers further to the HoR vote on the new Prime Minister. Let’s have a closer look : 

First came the allegation of Minister of Foreign Affairs Najla Al-Mangoush having resigned. It was first published on 218 News and then circulated on various other social media pages.

The expression “Al Mangoush is jumping from a sinking boat” was widely spread. Other outlets claimed that she had joined the #Bashaga camp. Then came the alleged resignation of the #GNU Higher Education Minister, through a forged statement that was shared on many pages.

Both Ministers denied these claims on their official pages, together with the #GNU Spokesperson. A few days later a fake resignation statement attributed to the Minister of Interior (MoI) also circulated, starting once again started from 218 Channel.

The MoI denied this statement and continued his duties as usual in the following days, as can be seen from his verified social media pages

Forged statements with stamps or letterheads are a common way to spread misinformation in #Libya. Make sure you check before you share!


By Siraj

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