Fake news and allegations circulated after the Speaker of the HoR gave his remarks during the latest HoR session held in #Sirt, as he commented on the situation of the capital, Tripoli, several days after the Prime Minister of the #GNS tried to enter the city

Agila Saleh’s remarks were distorted as a call for violence by various media outlets, such as Libya al-Ahrar, Urgent February Channel, DW Website, Jalal Al Qabi, and many others

Even the spokesperson of the #GNU, Mohammed Hamouda, said that the government « rejected the call of the Speaker of the HoR to enter #Tripoli by fighting and war ».

A careful reading of the remarks actually show that there was no such call for violently taking over the city. In fact, Agila Saleh rejected the option of fighting and called for a political solution instead, which would include the #GNS working from #Sirt.

Be careful to not distort political speeches, especially to call for violence or extreme reactions. Fake news can have real effects See full speech of the Speaker, at 04:07 – 05:27, here:


By Siraj

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