On 2/03 the UNSMIL & SASGonLibya called for a new political dialogue. Both the #HSC and the #HoR were asked to form a committee of 6 members each to agree on a constitutional basis for elections. Where does the Constitutional Drafting Assembly #CDA stand in this process?

Interestingly the CDA, a body elected by #Libyans in 2014, and which finalized its Proposal in July 2017, was not included in this dialogue invitation, even though its mandate was precisely to find a Constitution

On 21/02 the legal representative of the #CDA raised this to the UN Mission, claiming that it was deliberately ignoring the Constitutional path and depriving Libyans of their right to vote on the Proposal since 2017, threatening to file a complaint before the Secretary General.

Tahra was able to confirm the authenticity of this letter, and reached to several CDA members who confirmed having approved it. CDA member Salem Kashlaf also confirm having formed a Constitutional Communication Committee to centralize communication with
Efforts to put the CDA Proposal to referendum and allow Libyans to approve or reject it, in line with the Constitutional Declaration, have all been blocked until now. Similarly, dialogue initiatives to find a “constitutional basis”, focusing around the HoR and HSC, have failed.

By Siraj

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