Yesterday, the speaker of the #HoR claimed that the Constitutional Proposal of the #CDA was “rejected” by Libyans and another committee should be formed

This new HoR Committee of 30 would rewrite a Constitution before holding a referendum. Agila’s statement on the rejection of the CDA draft was not based on any data, and is therefore misleading. It’s a political statement and not a fact, and it actually contradicts Libyan law.

Let’s recall that the CDA was elected by the Libyan people in 2014, and that the 2017 Proposal was voted by a majority of its members, and all legal challenges against it were rejected by the courts, therefore the vote is considered legal.

As per Libya’s Constitutional Declaration, Art. 30, the CDA draft must be put to referendum 30 days after its adoption, and it’s only if Libyans reject it through vote that it can be re-drafted. In November 2018, the #HoR voted a referendum law.

Any changes to this roadmap would require amending the Constitutional Declaration. Libyans who voted for the CDA have a right to vote on the draft. Lastly rewriting a Constitution is a lengthy process that could be used to further delay elections and keep the #HoR in place.

By Siraj

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