Libya and Tunisia

how unverified information spreads and gets amplified in the Libyan media environment.

Various media outlets and personal social media pages recently stated that a high-rank Libyan military official was involved in transporting Syrian terrorists into Tunisia. This allegation came into a context marked by rumors on the deteriorating security situation in the West.

– including an audio recording attributed to #ISIS and leaked Interpol documents. How did these news spread and how were they so rapidly amplified?

The news was first published on 17 August on

which based its allegation on a Tunisian source according to which the Commander of the West coast military zone, Salahuddin Al-Namroush, was directly involved in the transfer of Syrian terrorists to #Tunisia.

The post generated many interaction and hundreds of shares. The news was then amplified on both Libyan and Tunisian public outlets such as Jamahiriya channel, Akhbar Tunes, and dozens of personal pages, including activists and influencers.

None of these were supported by facts.Salahuddin Al-Nemroush, denied the allegation against him, while the Spokesperson of the #GNU, after meeting with Tunisian officials, regretted these fake allegations which he said only aimed at affecting relations between #Tunisia and #Libya.


Once again, remember to #thinkbeforeyourpost, and don’t amplify news you can’t trust!


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